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【ハイレゾ】初回日曜 アナ雪編 ディズニークリスマス・ストーリーズ 2015.11.16 Frozen Disney Christmas stories 【Tokyo DisneyLand】



 Heading the parade is the story 1 float with Donald Duck dressed up as Santa Claus. He is joined on the colorfully decorated boat-shaped float by Daisy Duck, his nephews and his uncle Scrooge as they enjoy a cozy Christmas.
The story 2 float features Stitch and his friends enjoying a fun-filled Christmas, followed in the same theme by the story 3 float with Woody and his pals. Mickey Mouse and his pals enjoy Christmas together on the story 4 float. The story 5 float with Belle and the Beast is followed by the story 6 float with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The last float shows a world of snow and ice with Anna, Elsa and Olaf from the Disney film Frozen.
The parade stops in three locations, and when it does, it’s time for a Christmas party! Bells chime loudly as Christmas music plays and the Disney Characters make the party even livelier as they ring bells. In the finale, snow begins to fall as the Guests and the Disney Characters celebrate a heartwarming Christmas together.



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