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アウト・オブ・シャドウランド/Out of Shadowland

説明:【アウト・オブ・シャドウランド/Out of Shadowland】

【Out of Shadowland】
At Tokyo DisneySea where its 15th anniversary themed on wishes “The Year of Wishes” has been underway since Friday, April 15, a new musical show “Out of Shadowland” will start on Saturday, July 9.
For the music of “Out of Shadowland”, Angela Aki, a singer-songwriter who had suspended her music activities in Japan since the summer of 2014 and studied musical in a college of music in Los Angeles, took part in music production. Having written lyrics of 3 songs for the heroine, she has resumed her music activities in full swing as a writer.
In the lead-up to the show’s start on Saturday, July 9, a special movie is now on release on the official youtube channel of Tokyo Disney Resort today which includes scenes of production of “Out of Shadowland” by Angela Aki and Disney staff, as well as some parts of the show.

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