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Hi, all! I came over to the Tokyo Sky Tree today! It is close, and the summer vacation is over, but the spot is full of much one in leisure here! It is a tourist attraction symbolizing popular Japan towards the lots such as wonderful parent and child, friends of the good friend, a newly-married couple, overseas travel, a circle!
The Sky Tree is 634m! Anyway, I come to have a pain in a neck when I look up at the top!
In the Tokyo Sky Tree, a considerable tourist seemed to have already flocked from all over the construction of the tower. Why is it such popular?
I asked international tourist a reason! I said, “it was very novel, and it was unusual”. Not only it is said that 634 meters in height of the Sky Tree is the best height more than 333 meters in Japan of Tokyo Tower, but also seems to be the number one in the world for an independence-type communications tower. I seem to feel that after all “Japan one” and the characteristic, “it is the number one in the world” are rare and are special. Not only it but also the design in accord with neighboring scenery is attractive, and such novelty calls a topic and I attract its attention and want to ask! Even a newspaper and TV are taken away in various form from a stage building it, and, as of now, it is loved by the that there is many it as a new famous place representing Tokyo in this way!
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