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Disney Pixar Toy Story PEZ Dispensers – Rex Goes Shopping For Candy Surprises

説明:I went shopping again with REX. He’s a lot a fun to hang out with, but sometimes tips over the shopping carts!

We picked up PEZ dispensers from the Toy Story movie.

Find Surprise Eggs ▶ http://luckysurpriseeggs.com

Be sure to watch all the fun surprise eggs Jimmy opens. Let Lucky know what surprise eggs you like…maybe you’ll see a special golden egg just for you!

Thanks for watching 🙂

▶▶ Toy Surprises/Guests ◀◀
* Toy Story PEZ – Buzz Lightyear Figure
* Toy Story PEZ – Sheriff Woody Figure
* Toy Story PEZ – Jessie Figure
* Toy Story PEZ – Alien Figure
* Toy Story PEZ – Rex Figure
* Toy Story PEZ – Terror Cat Figure

▶▶ More Egg Videos ◀◀
Disney Surprise Toys & Eggs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmpfjCZGp7k&list=PLwPzuvT0LFTJtZFBpOBItZHwX-o_iHqHb

▶▶ Fun Translations ◀◀
Check out these fun international language product translations!

Disney Pixar Toy Story PEZ Dispensers:

“ディズニー ピクサー グッズ話 PEZ ディスペンサー” “Disney Pixar mainan cerita PEZ dispenser’ “Disney Pixar Toy história PEZ Dispensers” “Disney Pixar Toy история PEZ диспенсеры” “Disney Pixar Toy Story PEZ dispensadores” “ดิสนีย์พิกซาร์เล่นเรื่องลเปสตู้” “Disney Pixar Toy Story Dispensers PEZ”

▶▶ LSE Friends ◀◀
Lucky The Goose

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